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Raw Brokerage's Honda Civic Type-R FK8

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We're excited to announce our 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 platform development.  We'll be working on a full range of products to offer both the K20C1 and L15 engines. Stay tuned!

Fast Passion Auto's SEMA S30 RB26 Build (Part 1)

Preparing for SEMA here at Raw Brokerage, we've been actively working on finalizing the Nissan RB26DETT power plant that will make it's way into Fast Passion Auto's Datsun 240Z.

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John's 240Z Build: The reassembly (Part 7)

Head light, horns and blinker lights wires ran to the nose of the car.Custom Orange line couplers for John's Datsun?  Yes please.New interior vinyl applied by Chris at The Garage Orlando.Luckily we had a few interior pieces here at the shop to choose the best panels to complete this build.  Since these are old, brittle and [...]

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John's 240Z Build: The reassembly (Part 6)

John's 240Z refinished dash is now reloaded with his custom gauges and new dash vents.New interior vinyl and interior padding are installed top down, then rear to front.Polished door handles just wouldn't do, so handles were chromed to compliment the rest of the exterior of the car.The window channels were also refurbished and chromed.In the [...]

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John's 240Z Build: The reassembly (Part 5)

The reassembling continues with various interior and exterior components all replaced or reconditioned to match the rest of the build. From the looks of it John may have sourced the last brand new rear hatch glass in the country.Brand new front glass and door glass will also find their way onto the car.Window trim and [...]

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John's 240Z Build: Testing LED Turn Signals

Chris at The Garage Orlando testing out the LED turn signals for John's 240Z build.

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John's 240Z Build: The reassembly (Engine Bay)

As much time and effort has been going into this car, we at Raw Brokerage are most proud of how the engine bay came together.  To keep John's anticipation for the return of his car brewing, we omitted the color. I guess you can say it adds to that 'artistic' approach too.  Regardless, enjoy this [...]

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John's 240Z Build: The reassembly (Part 3)

More painted body parts arrived to Raw Brokerage from Street-N-Strip boasting their blaze metallic paint job.Door strikers obviously went through the restoration process as well.  Media blasted, baked, zinc coated and matched up with new hardware.Teaser photo as we test alignment of door and fender. Disregard the color variance in these photos as there are [...]

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John's 240Z Build: The reassembly (Part 2)

No room or expense spared on John's 240Z build as more parts make their way back under the hood of his Raw Brokerage Stage 1 RB26 build...

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